Why Social Media Can Be a Waste of Time for Marketers

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There’s no doubt that users have a great time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, else they would not join them in the millions. Facebook alone claims to have around 1 billion monthly active users.
But things are a bit different for marketers. In their case, if their social media marketing campaigns bring the desired results, then they won’t regret the time they’ve invested on social sites. But if their campaigns prove fruitless...
Some Facts That Will Disquiet Social Media Marketers
According to recent IBM reports, online sales grew by 30.3% on Cyber Monday compared to last year. But social media accounted for only 0.41% of Cyber Monday sales. The figures for Black Friday are even more discouraging. And what’s worse is that those social media figures were significantly lower than they were last year. So sales through social media have actually decreased.
People use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to socialize, not to find things to buy.

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