Transforming a Pub Quiz into a Team Building Activity

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Harmony within a company is vital, and personal relationships are just

as (if not even more) important than professional ones. You might

argue that professional relationships are mostly based on personal

opinions. When we apply this philosophy to a company, we come to the

conclusion that employees need to get along on a basic human level in

order to click at the office too.

To accomplish this, it takes more than a “you people need to get

along” nudge, and this might be just the right trick.

Have you ever heard of a pub quiz? How about bringing all the fun and

banter to your office.


The main idea behind pub quizzes is to bring that extra something to

people who regularly drink in pubs and bars and are tired of the same

old stories about the nagging mother-in-law, bossy boss or noisy

neighbors. People need to get out of the house and the office and

unwind. So why not learn something and have a laugh while they’re at


Teams are formed up, and it’s usually ...

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