Top Fitness Trends For 2016 (Part 1)

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    Top Fitness Trends for 2016 (Part 1) By Hannah Tyldesley     Making a success of a career in the fitness industry is not always just about ‘what you know’ but also a case of ‘what you will know next!’ Teaching a good burpee or box jump is the skill that is going to make a real difference to your clients’ health and shape, but when it comes to raising their opinion of you a little glimpse into the future will earn you extra credit ratings. Fitness is the new fashion and riding the wave is a must if you want to look as if your finger is bang on the pulse of the health boom. Insider knowledge always impresses. Lycra remains the default workout fabric but unless it’s flowery, neon and reversible, it is very much last year’s thing. Spin classes are still doing a number at every gym on the planet but the days when they were just about cycling have passed. Spinning right now involves dance, core work and weights. Fitness is constantly in a state of revolution, so don’t stand still. 2016 is just around the corner, a new year with new fads and vogues. It’s time to update your playlist and give your classes a refresh. Keeping up with the hottest gossip and second guessing the next style trend are all part of staying ahead of the game. What should we be wearing and where should we be sweating? If you don’t already know, get your ear to the ground and find out because knowing your market is about knowing how it’s changing. Keeping your client retention high and your training on trend is about finding the future before your customers do.   Part 1 focus… Wearable Tech With the release of Apple’s first watch, wearable technology is more wearable than ever! Whether you want to monitor your sleep or add up the steps in your stride pattern, there is a wrist accessory for everyone. The only remaining challenge is choosing the one that’s right for you or your client. The Fitbit is a market leader and no wonder. It does the lot with functions such as step tracking, sleep monitoring, all-day heart rate scanning, a stopwatch mode for workouts, resting heart rate tracked over time. It is constantly on your case! Nothing else offers a more accurate feedback on your activity and overall health. The OLED screen displays your daily stats and caller ID. It does everything but make your breakfast. If simplicity is your priority, reach for the Jawbone UP2. It is both comfortable and slick with an accurate activity tracker, smart alarm and sleep monitoring feature. It is excellent value and nails the basics. Sleep can seem a little bit of a luxury during hectic daily lives and so tracking the revitalising rest we actually get on our visits to dreamland is an excellent reminder of the importance of hitting the near eight hours prescribed by sleep experts. UP2 automatically tracks when the ‘shut eye’ truly starts by monitoring the user’s bpm, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response. It provides you with REM, light and deep sleep stats so that you know exactly how efficiently you are resting and refuelling. Thank goodness, it hasn’t learnt to record our dreams yet! If you or your clients have a particular interest in pacing, the Fitbit Surge is highly recommended for runners. The Surge sports a built-in heart rate monitor as well as GPS for accurate distance and pace reporting for both runners and cyclists. The OLED screen will display calls, texts and notifications in full. We are talking a true fitness super watch here. And if you have already overdone it on the early Christmas shopping front, the Misfit Flash comes in at just £39.99 and tracks steps, swims and sleep in an array of vibrant colours. Not just a pretty face! Fitness tech is sure to feature at the top of many Christmas lists. Make sure you are up to speed with the latest products and reviews because your clients may just come running to you when they are looking for inspiration on what to buy. As long as they don’t ask you to do their wrapping too!

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