The Main Religions of the World That People Follow

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Religion is a topic that most experts say you should never talk about. It’s religion and politics that should be shunned upon. However, today we are going to discuss the main religions of the world. What do people believe in these days? Over the centuries, religion has shifted.  There was a time in ancient history when mankind believed in astrology, sun and moon Gods, one God, multiple spirit guides and much more.  Today, there are a few major religions in the world such as: Christianity, Islam and Judaism.Religion DefinitionReligion is a system of beliefs that one believes in.  It often includes prayers, textbooks, songs, spiritual gatherings and prophecy.  It is often passed down from generation to generation as a belief that a culture or people operate from.  Religious beliefs often affect every area of your life from love to money.  When a person thinks about their spirituality, they will often ask themselves, “Who am I and how does my faith determine my fate?” There is often a supernatural power/person/spirit that someone believes in.  There are certain feast days in religion and fast days as well. One might say that a person must prove themselves to their God.  If their God is unhappy with them, then the person often feels the need to change their life to please their higher power. There is usually a day/s in worship each day for the person that is practicing a religion.  It often means that a person must set aside time each day, week or month to spend time with their religion.  It is more of a growth and learning type of environment for the person that is trying to learn about their faith.Ancestors often pass down their religious stories from one generation to the next.  Often, testimonies are given from one human being to another.  It is often known that spiritual beliefs become more positive with time and hearing the stories from a previous generation.  Therefore sacred textbooks are used in religion. Without sacred text or testimonials from other ancestors, its hard to form a religion and have it believed by future generations.There are over 11,000 religions worldwide. The 5 main religions are: Buddhism, Christianity, folk religion, Islam and Hinduism.  Religion helps to define laws within countries and creates a system of feeling guilt and remorse when you do something wrong.  In many religions, dance is often associated with faith. A culture may decide that dancing to spirits is necessary to call them up from the dead.  It is taught that you must believe in what you are seeing in order to have something happen. How Many People Are in the Major World Religions?Christianity 2.2 BillionFolk Religion 0.385 BillionHinduism 0.811 BillionIslam 1.2 BillionBuddhism 0.360 BillionProtestant ReligionThe protestant faith began in Europe during the 16th century.  This was more of a revolt against the Catholic church for its practices during medieval times. Those that opposed the Roman Catholic church, branched off and started the protestant faith.  It wasn’t until the 19th century, that it spread to various parts of the earth. Protestants believe that the Holy Bible is the only sacred text that people should follow. It is even higher than the Popes words or spiritual customs. It is believed that someone can have a personal relationship with Jesus Chris.  A protestant can speak in tongues or share their faith amongst others.  Protestants are encouraged to tell people about their faith.The core belief of the protestant faith is that one only needs to ask Jesus Christ into their heart and ask for forgiveness.  Once a person does that, they will automatically go to heaven when they die to be with Jesus.  Many people refer to this faith as being “born again”. Protestant Denominations:PentecostalBaptistAdventistsMethodistsReformedAnglicanProtestants do not believe in praying to saints like Catholics do. They believe that every prayer should be prayed to Jesus Christ and God the father.  Martin Luther is an important figure in the protestant faith because in 1507, he came to reject a lot of the mainstream teachings of the Catholic church.  He rejected indulgences most of all. The day of worship for most Protestants is Sunday, except for Seventh Day Adventists that have worship on Saturdays.  Protestants believe that if you live in sin, you will go to hell.  Hell is a permanent place where there is not rest and you burn forever.  There is no hope for your soul once you enter hell.Mormon ReligionMormons believe that anyone can be saved through Jesus Christ. Mormons believe that a man or woman must repent of their sins in order to be forgiven. They practice baptism and wanting to be like Jesus.  Many of their youth are often seen doing missionary trips to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Mormon church. Mormons believe that their founding father Joseph Smith restored the Christian faith.  He was believed to have heard from God, prophets and apostles alike.  Polygamy is often associated with Mormons because it was practiced by many church members during the 19th century. Today, some Mormons practice polygamy, while others believe that it is wrong in the eyes of God.  Polygamy was a common practice in the 19th century by the Latter-Day Saints.Mormons do read the Holy Bible.  However, they also have other religious texts such as The Book of Mormon. List of Religions:JudaismChristianityIslamHinduismSpiritismZoroastrianismBuddhismSikhismAfrican ReligionsNew Age ReligionsReligious BeliefsReligious beliefs differ from person to person in any given religion.  In every religion, you have some people that believe that doing something is worse than doing something else. For example, in the Christian faith, one member may think that murdering someone is far worse than using bad language.  In the eyes of the church, every sin is equal. However, most people choose to suit what works best for them. One might say that eating pork is bad, but not having a job and being lazy is okay if you have someone else to support you.Religious beliefs tend to change slightly from generation to generation. What people believed in 5,000 years ago is often not a mainstream religion. For instance, our ancestors often worshipped the sun, moon and stars. However, in today’s world, people often don’t worship planets.  However, this was a common practice in everyday life for thousands of people.Freedom of ReligionThe first amendment of the United Sates teaches us that congress cannot take away a person’s religious system.  In the United States, nobody can tell you what you should believe in.  In many countries around the world, such as North Korea can tell you that you cannot worship the God of your choice.  The amendment was made so that anyone can come to the United States and worship as they choose.  The USA is one of the freest countries in the world where most any kind of worship is tolerated.  The Main Religions of the World That People Followby The Horoscope Expert | Jul 12, 2019 | ReligionReligion is a topic that most experts say you should never talk about. It’s religion and politics that should be shunned upon. However, today we are going to discuss the main religions of the world. What do people believe in these days? 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