The Law of Blogging 101 - Infographic

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If you are a blogger, content creator, content marketer or website administrator chances are you are dealing with a lot of content, especially other people’s content.

You may be considering reproducing someone’s awesome content or creating a new format of that content. For example, turning a blog post into an infographic or video.

The laws that govern blogging and copyright infringement are serious issues. They could lead to jail time and heavy penalties. This infographic can help.

Some Tips to Avoid Copyright Infringement
- Use creative commons images or images within the public domain.
- When in doubt, reach out to the original content creator and ask for permission.
- Copyright infringement is not applicable just to images and infographics; they are applicable to text content as well.

The topic of blogging law and copyright infringement is for every blogger, content creator and marketer to know and pass on to their followers. So hope you enjoy this infographic as much as I have and learned the lesson that it intends to relay. Make sure we online content providers always play by the book and never come under the hook. Infographic brought to you by Monder Law Group.

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