the composition of a circulatory system

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A person's circulatory system consists of heart, blood, and blood.The heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood.The heart consists of one atrium and one ventricle from side to side.When you take your blood, you relax, and when you release it, you contract.The weaker right pump takes blood from the body and sends it to the lungs.The blood vessels are intricately connected to every corner of the body.a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart in a largea vein of blood flowing into the heart    It is divided into three types of capillaries, the microscopic tube that connects arteries and veins.Blood consists mainly of plasma of liquid and blood cells.Most of the plasma is water, which includes protein and blood cells carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide in cell components.a white blood cell that serves to protect our bodies from disease.There is a platelet of blood involved in blood clotting.Platelets coagulate the blood, helping to keep the blood from flowing from the damaged blood vessels.

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