Summer Body Workout - Week 1

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Summer is hot on our heels with even the weather growing warmer. Soon will come the time we’re encouraged to show our skin, and embrace the bodies we own regardless of whether we’ve treated them well during the winter months.
Cue… the fad diet panic.
Fad diets are thing of the past, proven to be ineffective and in terms of making you feel good they are well and truly redundant. When it comes to health and fitness, the real feel good factor lies with getting the heart racing and the endorphins racing.
Exercise has been scientifically proven to improve mood, and general wellbeing as well as attributing to improved aesthetic appearance.

Cue… the excuses
Enter… TRAINFITNESS (once again)
We’ve developed 6 ‘Summer Body’ workouts easily completed wherever you are in less than 30 minutes. No equipment needed, no time wasted.

We’re ready when you are!

Download the Programme Card here

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