stomp fx v 17.1

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stomp fx V17.1

The aim of stomp fx is to increase the heart rate so that at some point in the workout, or several points, we work in the anaerobic training zone. The more often we do an exercise, the more the body adapts to it. This means that it gets harder and harder to get into the anaerobic training zone by doing the same exercises. In this release of stomp fx we once again introduce you to some new movement patterns to challenge you in ways you’ve not been challenged before.

“Shadows of Love” is the Mobilisation track where Neil gradually increases the intensity of each exercise each cycle so the heart rate and body temperature increase accordingly.

Track 2 continues to see the intensity increase in “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. We start by teaching the basic Lunge and the Shuffle on the floor. This then builds in intensity with Double Jump Lunges and Shuffles on the step into Mountain Climber. By the end of the track everyone should be almost working anaerobically.

“Boom, Boom, Boom” is our PHA track. We alternate between legs, Fast Feet with Lunges; and then alternate upper body moves, Crawling with Underhand Grip Press-ups. The cardiovascular system works hard as it moves the blood with oxygen and nutrients from the working muscles in the lower body to the working muscles in the upper body.

We then keep the intensity up with another High Intensity Athletic track, “Into the Night”. The intensity and complexity of the moves are gradually increased each cycle. Watch the phrasing on this one; you do 10 Shuffles and then hold. The hold eventually turns into the big jump on the “Wohoa”.

Our second PHA track is next with “Good Life”. We teach the Walking Burpee with a Press-up. Listen to the music to get the rhythm because it’s not a regular pattern. We use the unusual rhythm to transition to the floor. Lunges off the front of the step target the lower body.

The intensity needs to come up again now so we move onto speed and agility. First of all, clear the area. Make sure there are no objects lying around anyone’s step. Fast Jogs, Turning Jumps and Sit Down Stand Up make this a great workout track.

We move onto balance next with “I Want You”. This is a dynamic Balance track where we not only balance in a standing position, but take it to the floor as well. Remember to get right up on your toes in the Sumo Balance.

The next track is called “Jump”, and that’s what we do - jump! It’s propulsion time so when you hear the word “jump”, you jump as high as you can. The heart rate will increase rapidly and the aim is to hit that anaerobic training zone.

We wrap up the workout part of v17.1 with a moves-style track and “Blu”. Here is a cute and simple combination that starts with the basic moves that are slowly layered to create a nice combo that acts as a post workout recovery.

The Active Recovery track is “Mr Reggaeton”. The angles of the movements change each cycle to ensure we hit all the muscle fibres and prevent the shortening effects of the workout.

The Fitness Test happens in track 2 this release, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Three exercises - do as many as you can. Neil’s scores are below so let us know if you do more!

• Dbl. Plyo Lunges – 30
• Underhand Tricep Press-ups – 29
• Jump Over & Sit – 15

We hope you enjoy stomp fx v17.1.

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