Sensitive Skin: The Best Ingredients to Look for in 2019

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Does your skin get inflamed easily?
Is there redness on your cheeks?
Is your skin sensitive?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in for a treat! For skin that shows symptoms of sensitivity and is diagnosed as sensitive, 2019 has some great products for you to invest in for a lifetime!
1. To Hydrate and Moisturize: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid for skincare is an absolute must!
Incredibly gentle and working wonders on dry and sensitive skin, Hyaluronic acid is a must to invest in. It helps to calm inflammation and redness and also helps the skin to absorb and retain more moisture, which means less evaporation and longer periods of hydrated skin.
In fact, Hyaluronic acid has shown to reduce blemishes and stretch marks and keep skin healthy! Check out this amazing sensitive skin cream for happier skin.
2. To Brighten and Even: Vitamin C

Found usually in citrus fruits and packed with nature’s best ingredient, Vitamin C is the secret to elastic skin.
This powerful antioxidant works great as a facial serum on sensitive skin. It helps to fight inflammation, and reveals brighter skin. It also helps with skin repair and lightens pigmentation.
Vitamin C facial serums are the best to use because they act as a sun protectant and also improve signs of ageing. If you want supple skin which is elastic, less inflamed and healthy, get your hands on this Vitamin C facial serum for healthy skin!
3. To Protect and Improve: Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid for skincare is making waves by increasing the effectiveness of other antioxidants to deliver maximum health to the skin. It’s a safe skin product derived from plants, and most importantly, is used to reduce signs of ageing.
It helps to fight free radicals, pollutants and other environmental factors that stress the skin. It helps to assist skin regeneration, which means more collagen production, supple skin and better protected skin.
It’s one of the best facial serum ingredients to look out for because it promises to improve skin condition with prolonged use.
4. To Regenerate, Renew and Reverse: Retinol

Retinol helps to reduce signs of ageing, which happen due to slowed collagen production and result in fine lines, wrinkles, etc.
However, those with sensitive skin should tread lightly. Retinol creams are supposed to be used lightly and biweekly to give your skin the ingredients it needs to regenerate itself into elastic and perky skin. Over prolonged use, retinol face cream helps to keep skin looking refreshed and youthful.
Check out this super mild retinol cream you can get your hands on for happy skin!
With this list, your sensitive skin is all prepped for a great year!
Do you have a very sensitive skin? Leave us a comment below by telling us your story..
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