revolt against the gilt-bronze gaya 2

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After more than 50 years of cloudiness after the siege of the statue was brought under control, a new strongman appeared in the west.It was Baekje that united the countries of Mahan.  Baekje engaged directly with China and secured enough Chinese goods that had been discontinued for some time.Gaya attracted countries to trade with Japan.Then some countries in Gaya sided with Baekje.Among them, there was a country that connected Baekje to Japan.But I couldn't stop going to Geumgwan Gaya.When Geumgwan Gaya was the leader in international trade, it was completely gone.Then Gaya no longer recognized Gaya as the head of the confederacy.Geumgwan Gaya was forced to accept the situation and, like other Gaya countries, chose to stand by the white body and get the necessary supplies.However, this decision resulted in the early fall of Geumgwan Gaya.At that time, Japan obtained the preceding cultural heritage from Baekje and instead sent its troops to help Baekje fight the war.By the way, Japanese soldiers who came to the Korean Peninsula frequently invaded the Silla coast  By the way, Japanese soldiers who came to the Korean Peninsula frequently invaded the Silla coast  He even went to the rafters to play.Geumgwan Gaya was forced to provide a way for Japanese soldiers close to Baekje to attack Silla as they were in a position to obtain necessary supplies from Baekje.Silla, which fought against Japanese invasion, asked Goguryeo, a powerful kingdom, for its support in 399  King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo accepted Silla's request and sent 50,000 soldiers in 400 the following year to drive out the Japanese army that had entered Silla's territoryThe Japanese soldiers chased them from Silla, crossed the Nakdong River to Geumgwan Gaya in Gimhae.  The Japanese army that ran away from Goguryeo rushed to Geumgwan Gaya, and Gimhae was unexpectedly caught in the whirlwind of warThe land of Geumgwan Gaya quickly became ashes.The Gaya Confederacy led by Geumgwan Gaya was completely destroyed by the Goguryeo attack.Countries in Gaya scattered like grains of sand, looking for their own way to live.

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