revolt against the gilt-bronze gaya 1

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In the 300s, the Gaya Confederacy, centered around Geumgwan Gaya, was divided.Eight countries rebelled against Geumgwan Gaya because they were unhappy about its dominance in trade.  These countries are located by the sea and have good conditions for trade with foreign countries.  However, Geumgwan Gaya took the initiative in trade earlier, making it difficult for these countries to meet foreign ships in person.We had to go to Gimhae region and deal with Nakrang County Daebang County and Japanese merchants under the influence of Geumgwan Gaya.Moreover, the confederacy complained that Geumgwan Gaya did not share the same benefits from trade.  Then a big change occurred on the Korean Peninsula.In 313 and 314, King Michon of Goguryeo drove Nakrang and Daebang of China from the Korean Peninsula  Geumgwan Gaya, which has benefited from its trade with Nakrang and Daebang forces Japan, was a huge blow.  As the trade route linking Daebang-gun and Gaya was cut off, Geumgwan Gaya was no longer able to bring in Chinese culture.As there was no import from China, there was no item to sell to Japan or the neighboring countries of Gaya.  The status of the maritime kingdom and the head of the confederacy that Geumgwan Gaya has enjoyed has begun to falter.The kingdom of Gaya formed a coalition and attacked Geumgwan Gaya with a fierce attack.  In the sudden attack, Geumgwan Gaya could not defeat them by himself.So I asked Silla for reinforcements.With the help of Silla, the rebellion was put down safely.Geumgwan Gaya remained the head of the Gaya Confederacy.However, since he suppressed the rebellion with the help of Silla, Geumgwan Gaya was under Silla's interference by sending the prince as a hostage to SillaIn this incident, the authority of Geumgwan Gaya as the head of the Gaya Confederacy has fallen to nothing.Many countries in Gaya began to turn their backs on Geumgwan Gaya, a toothless tiger.

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