Results require a healthy foundation

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Results require a healthy foundation
By Richard Scrivener
Once we understand that our body is made up of billions of tiny individual cells and that these cells collectively are responsible for our health, it becomes very clear that an unhealthy body will have a difficult time losing fat, gaining muscle, driving up energy levels, thinking with greater clarity, possessing better skin and hair, having fewer colds and ills and generally performing positively.
Simple, yet highly effective principles form the bed-rock of the body fx “anti-diet” nutrition programme, designed to incinerate fat via the optimisation of health. A physiological overhaul to balance hormones and cellular function alongside a ‘metabolic tune-up’ will yield a body to be proud of.
body fx is a 16-week health and fat loss programme which is grounded in easy to grasp scientific principles. The science is blended with hands-on nutritional and lifestyle coaching methods allowing participants to implement the fat-loss strategies into their busy day-to-day routines.
Nutritional science and behavioural psychology is constantly evolving; body fx combines the latest proven strategies to lead and engage participants through a series of brief weekly seminars so that they are able to fully ‘jump on board’ with what is being asked of them by the body fx Coach. Understanding leads to empowerment which leads to adherence and results!
Accountability is a huge part of body fx . At regular intervals indices of health are assessed as these underpin how the participant’s physiological systems are reacting to the nutritional interventions. Furthermore, the all-important anthropometric measurements are taken bi-weekly to ensure fat loss results are moving in the right direction. In addition, weekly goal setting strategies are laid out which are progressive and align with the topics of discussion presented in the seminars- all of these results are recorded, collected and analysed with weekly feedback going straight out to the groups.

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