My Take on The Secret Movie and How the Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life

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On Saturday night, I watched an inspiring movie about the laws of attraction called The Secret.  This is not a new movie.  The movie was released in 2006 and distributed by Prime-Time Productions.  Millions of people have already seen the movie. However, this article is for those that have never seen the movie and need some extra tender loving care (TLC) and hope right now in their lives.I have always been a believer in the law of attraction.  This is how I stumbled on the movie.  I Googled, “law of attraction movie” and The Secret popped up.  I was taken in by the first few minutes of the movie because it shows you that the ancient Babylonians always knew that there was some type of a secret that could give you wealth, happiness, love and more. I was hooked on this 87-minute movie from start to finish.After I watched the movie, I found out that celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Ellen DeGeneres were all fans of the movie and talked about it on their show.  The Secret Movie talks about how every human being on the earth has the capability of attracting something into their life by their thoughts. The actors in the movie talk about creating a vision board with all your interests. This vision board allows you to dream big.How to Put a Vision Board TogetherThe Secret Movie teaches you to get a board of some kind that you can use to paste pictures on.  This vision board is more of a dream board that you put everything on it that you want to achieve in life.  The movie teaches you that if you can think it, you will achieve it. If you want a Ferrari and a mansion, cut out pictures of what you want and paste it on your vision board. You may find that you want many things. It’s important to paste it on there and wish for what you want. Don’t let negativity hold you back.Your vision board must be about you.  When you create your board, don’t hold back on what you will put on it. We all have different dreams and visions of how we hope our life will be. We don’t all have the same desires and therefore, the vision board helps us to see that we can have what we want. Learn More About the Law of Attraction How Does the Law of Attraction Work?  The motivational speaker Bob Proctor says a line in the movie that brought a lot of sense to me. He said, “I don’t know how electricity works. I just know it works.” He goes on to explain that the law of attraction works the same way.  If we think that we are going to achieve something and think positive about it, we will get what we want. If we think negatively about getting something that we want, it most likely will not come to us. Our words have power and so do our thoughts.The Secret movie is more of a documentary with many successful people talking about how they became successful using the law of attraction.  It’s called The Secret because it is said that our present society has not been taught about the law of attraction and has been hidden from most of the population.  The movie shows us that people that were wealthy and successful wanted to hide the law of attraction from other people so that they could not get ahead in their lives.  Many people got greedy and wanted to keep this knowledge to themselves.When you want something, you must believe that you will have it 100%. Don’t let yourself doubt. Jesus Christ taught a similar teaching in which he said that you must have faith in order to make something happen. Even if you have a grain of mustard seed, you can cause a mountain to move.  Faith = power. The movie teaches other terms such as Quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology and philosophy.  You may have heard of some of the teachers in the movie.  Here is a list of some of the teachers:Michael Beckwith – MinisterJack Canfield – Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.James Arthur Ray – Self Help Speaker and author.Joseph Vitale – Spiritual teacher.The law of attraction resurfaced from many years of absence in the 18th century.  The Secret movie is one in which can be watched multiple times a week.  The more that you watch the movie, the more of a positive mindset that you will want to keep. Once you see the power in your thoughts, you will be able to see that you can achieve what you want in life. This movie was once on #1 DVD list in 2007 and the book version was also put on the New York Times bestseller list. Vision Board IdeasTake a few moments and meditate on what you want.  Meditation often takes place for around 15 to 30 minutes a day. Find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and focus in on what is most important in your life. Think about your thoughts, hopes and desires.  What do you really want to achieve in life? What is it that you really want to achieve? The best way to get vision board ideas is to jot down what you want to accomplish in your life.  When you were a child, what dreams did you have? Did you dream about becoming a “big time” corporate attorney working for a firm that was worth billions of dollars?  Did you dream about being a billionaire businessman like Mark Cuban? What happened to your dreams and why did you give up on them? People often give up on their dreams because they feel like every time that they have tried to get their dream accomplished, something fails them.  It’s important to ask God what his will is for your life. Find magazines that you enjoy reading.  Magazines like Fortune and Forbes often have pictures of wealthy men and women. You could cut their faces and bodies out of magazines and put them on your vision board as a reminder of who you would like to become someday.  You should be serious with your vision board.If you dream of owning your own restaurant, pick up a copy of the latest Food magazine or watch the Food Network. Keep on putting ideas into your mind and go after what you believe is meant to be there for you. Talk about what you want to achieve with your best friends and family members.  The more supportive people that you have around you, the better.  Vision boards are best built when we allow nothing to stop us from putting them together.I think that if you watch the Secret movie at least once a week, it will be a constant reminder on how your mind will bring something either good or bad to you. Remember, nothing is to impossible if you put your mind to it.  We often forget that the universe often gives us what it wants to give us at the right moment. We often don’t achieve our dreams because we doubt that it can happen.  Create a Vision Board Showcasing How You See Your Life in 5 Years. Attracting Wealth into Your Life Through Laws of Attraction. Law of Attraction in LoveSometimes what you want has no material value.  Love is often a popular request for people these days. It is the #1 question asked about on a psychic network. People often want to know when they will find love or their soulmate. People often create vision boards in order to find a companion. If this sounds like you, put together a vision board showcasing the kind of person that you can see yourself settling down with. This can be your ideal person.  Try to find someone that you have a crush on.  Put on the vision board what job you would like them to have and why you want to be with that kind of a person.  Afterwards, keep positive thoughts flowing.  Allow yourself to sense and feel that you can achieve all your dreams and desires.  Just keep on saying to yourself, “I can have love. I want to have love. I deserve to have love.”Once you see that the law of attraction is not just a bunch of nonsense, you will begin understanding love in new ways.  You will see that positive thoughts create positive outcomes.Love spells work the same way in the sense that you must believe that a person will grow to love you as you are casting the spell. Without faith, nothing positive can ever happen. In a sense, the universe gives us some control over our lives. It gives us what we keep on asking it for.Since millions of people have thought about the law of attraction and it has worked for them, we must assume that the law of attraction is real. 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