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What is Wicca Religion?Many people refer to Wicca as being Pagan witchcraft.  This religion was designed during the first half of the 20th century.  A man by the name of Gerald Gardner brought wicca to men and women in 1954.  The wicca religion combines 20th century new age beliefs and ancient pagan beliefs. Wiccans practice rituals and are often known for doing white magic and black magic as well. Most Wiccans shun black magic because it brings evil upon another person. The Wicca religion doesn’t have any hierarchy such as a Pope or Bishop.  Instead, published books and guides are often what Wiccans use for spiritual purposes.  These books can be on how to cast spells or sacred rituals.  The Wicca religion grows with time. Each decade, something is either added or deleted from mainstream Wiccan rituals.  It’s important for people to follow the most up to date manuals and books. Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente are the founding “father/mother” of Wicca.  Doreen Valiente wrote most of the liturgy on Wiccan practice.  Wiccans worship Gods and Goddesses.  These Gods include and are limited to the Horned God and the Moon Goddess.  Wiccans celebrate the cycles of the moon.  Many Wiccans practice magic as part of their faith.  It is also common for men and women in the Wiccan religion to cast money and love spells.  Religious scholars see Wicca as the new form of paganism.  For a while, paganism died out, but in the 20th century, made a comeback.  The same happened with astrology. Wiccan priests can be both male and female.  Many non-Wiccans often refer to followers of this faith to be warlocks and wizards. However, most Wiccans do not like this term or association.  Still, many people call this form of faith as witchcraft.  It is also a mistake for people to assume that all psychics are pagans.  If you ask any psychic, they will tell you something different that they believe. Some psychics claim to be from Christian, Islamic, Judeo backgrounds and Wicca backgrounds. Nobody knows how Wicca formerly got called “Wicca”.  Gardner or Valiente never refereed to the Wiccan religion as being called this name.  Most Wiccans in the 21st century don’t want to be associated with the term witchcraft because it brings back bad memories of the persecution that pagans received by the Catholic church during the ancient days.  Witches and those to practice witchcraft were often killed because of their religious beliefs.  Many witches were burned alive in fires or tortured before death.  Most Wiccans don’t try to be good to get into heaven. Instead, they believe that if you live a good life, you will have a good existence the next time around.  This is a lot like having good karma for actions taken that are more positive in nature. Wiccans believe in reincarnation.  You will find that many Wiccans practice sorcery and witchcraft daily. Many books have been published with spell recipe often consisting of candle rituals, herbs and spices.  Wiccans perform rituals in sacred circles.  As a group, they cast spells in order to bring about a good for humankind.  Often, the singing of songs in a circle or chanting will occur.  Circle dances are also popular.During the new moon, pagans will celebrate the Sabbatt.  This is also called the wheel of the year.  Wiccans often meet in groups that they feel more familiar with.  In most communities, a Wiccan group comes together to celebrate a spiritual gathering.When Wiccans get married, they often take vows saying, “We will last until our love lasts”.  It’s a lot different than saying, “Until death do us part.”  As you can see, Wiccans believe in loving someone only until you see that the love is not longer there.  The first Wiccan wedding happened in 1960. The couple’s names were Frederic Lamond and Gillian. When Wiccans have children, they have a ceremony called Wiccaning. Christians say baptism. The purpose of the ceremony is to ask the God and Goddess for protection over the baby’s life. Wiccans do not have one “Holy Bible”.  Instead, they use texts written by other Wiccans for training and learning. The texts vary from person to person.  A popular book that often used is entitled, “The Book of Shadows”. Christians use crosses to represent their faith and Wiccans use pentagrams.  This is often called the 5-pointed star as well. The Five Points Symbolize:SpiritWaterAirFireEarthPagans Also See the 5 Star Representing:Legs (2)HeadArms (2)Every member of the Wiccan faith can be priests and priestesses.  There is no main priest like in the Catholic or Evangelical churches.  There is no right or wrong way to have a ritual.  This is all up to the group of Wiccans that gather together.  There is an Imbolc Altar that is often used. Important FactThe Wiccan religion is mostly practiced in the USA and Australia.  Wiccan RitualsSome rituals of the Wiccan faith include, but are not limited to Sabbat, Esbat, end of life ceremony, wedding and circle rituals.    Wiccans come together to worship their God and Goddess. Some Wiccans worship multiple Gods/Goddesses. Wiccans often prefer to hold their spiritual rituals in private.  This is a lot like spiritual gatherings for Christians, Muslims and Jews.  It is also common for Wiccans to have their own rituals alone. It is okay for a Wiccan to have their own ritual. This often involves a person own spiritual beliefs. Wiccans believe that God and Goddess work together.  They are worshipped together in order to bring harmony.  During spiritual rituals and ceremonies, Wiccans often bring their own alter for Mabon and Samhain.  The alter stays in the center of the circle.  It is important that nobody in the group steps outside of the circle because Wiccans don’t want the energy to be disturbed. Therefore, in many Wiccan rituals; sea salt will be poured around the circle so that nobody can step outside of it. Are Witches Real?Yes, witches are real, and they are not like the witch that you saw in the Wizard of Oz with the green face and long nose.  Witches look like normal people. However, a famous witch from the 1500’s named Mother Shipton did look like the traditional witch from The Wizard of Oz. However, this is often not typical. Being a witch requires the knowledge and use of spells, spices, incense, oils, candles and so forth. Many witches train for years in order to learn how to cast spells properly.  Like any faith, witchcraft has a lot to do with what and how you believe.  There are some witches in the Wiccan religion, but not all Wiccans consider themselves to be witches. How to Do Magic SpellsYou need to learn how to do magic spells. There are some books that allow you to learn about magic spells. I have listed some below. You can also learn how to do magic spells by watching videos on Youtube.com by other witches. You can also have a mentor that is already a witch to teach you about witchcraft.Wicca Book of Spells: A Book of Shadows for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Magic by Lisa Chamberlain.  This boo is 124 pages long.  You will find spells and magical work.  It will teach you how spells can add positive outcomes to your life situations.  The book has spells for: love, money, well-being, health, spells for a new friend, job interview spell, success in business, confidence spells and much more.  An easy read and costs only around $6.99.  I found the best prices on Amazon.com.Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes.  All I can see is Wow!  What a great book.  A whopping 1120 pages long. Get spells for luck, love, happiness, spiritual protection, power.  Great book for advanced and beginners.  The author makes it very easy to learn about spells.  The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin Murphy-Hiscock.  This book is 256 pages of jam-packed information.  Learn how to do magic using herbs and oils.  The green witch uses plants, flowers and herbs. Traditional Wiccan HolidaysSamhain October 31stMabon September 20thLughnasadh August 1stLitha June 20thBealtaine April 20thSpring Equinox March 20thCandlemas February 1stWinter Solstice December 20thWhat Goes into a Witchcraft Shop?AltarBooksOilIncenseCloth TotesJewelryPendulumsSmudge SticksTarot CardsWandsPetsStatuesWitchcraft SymbolsHexagramYin YangTriple MoonThor’s HammerAll Seeing EyeEye of HorusAnkhHecate’s WheelSun WheelRitual CircleFire elementAir elementCan Someone Put a Curse on Me?Yes, someone can put a curse on you.  In almost every major religion, to include Wicca, curses are talked about.  A curse in the Wiccan religion is referred to as black magic. 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