Is Lucky Money Plain Old Superstition?

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When someone wins money in the casino, they often say, “Its lucky money”.  Some people in the world are born rich and others are born poor? Is it luck or something spiritual happening in the universe to bring good luck in money to you? This all depends on who you ask. If you are a Christian believer, you may think that tithing 10% of your money will bring more wealth to you. Afterall, many televangelists preach the prosperity gospel.  The prosperity gospel is one in which you believe that donating to the church will get you further in your finances.There are many people in churches that testify to tithing and giving them great wealth because of it. Norman D. Rockefeller himself was a tither.  He tithed 10% of whatever came to him.  His legend of being one of the richest men on earth wasn’t fiction.  He was a man that had more than he ever could have asked for. If you happy to go to the casinos, you may often notice that people are rubbing the slot machines as though they were magic genies. Some people think that they will get lucky if they treat the machine like a genie lamp. We all tend to have our own superstitious beliefs.  Sometimes our superstition proves to be correct.  In all families, there is someone that believes in luck.  Families will often talk about miracles that have happened to them when it was least expected. Your mom or dad may talk about how they met. It was pure luck they may say to you. Your mom may say that your dad just randomly walked up to her and started a conversation.What Does Superstition Mean?If something happens in a supernatural way, it is superstitious.  One may wonder if they are able to read people’s minds. Science tells us that it is not possible for a person to read another person’s mind.  However, psychics teach us that it is possible to see another person’s future through clairvoyance.  Our sixth sense can tap into the spirit world more than we could ever imagine.  We may not know it now, but the spirit world often communicates with us when we least expect.  We need to always look at our lives and see that change is possible. We need to always see that we can look at ourselves and view what is going to happen at some point.  A Song About Superstition The idea of superstition was first used in the 15th century.  People were often superstitious about black cats being bad. A lot of people felt that if you saw a black cat, it meant that something bad was going to happen to you. Some people believe in beginners’ luck. They believe that if you win at something that you have never done before, you most likely just got lucky.  They assume that it will not be possible that you win again because you don’t know exactly what you are doing.  Beginners luck often happens with games of chance. What if you find a penny on the floor?  It is common for people to think that they will have good luck all day if they find a penny.  This means that you have stepped on something lucky and can now have good fortune for that day. A rabbit’s foot has always been lucky. They gained a high popularity in the 1800’s. Many people started to get keychain rabbits feet.  It was a superstition that the rabbit’s foot would block negative energy from you.Does bad luck really come in 3’s?  A lot of people seem to think so. Often, when a famous person dies and another famous person dies right behind one another, many people think that a third one is soon to come. If you break a mirror, it is said that you will have 7 years of bad luck.  Although this can’t be proven, this superstition has been around for decades and many people swear by it. Is 666 really the mark of Satan? What if your name has 666 in it?  Does this mean that you are evil?  Some people say that there could only be one Satan and his name is 666.If you knock on wood, you hope that nothing bad happens. Perhaps you are working at your job steadily for the past ten years. Everyone else around you are getting fired.  Your mom may say, “You have been doing good so far, knock on wood that it stays that way.” If you eat out a lot, you may find people taking their wishbone and snapping it in half with another person. It is said that if you make a wish using a wishbone, your wish will come true. Will This Black Cat Bring You Bad Luck? Opening an Umbrella Indoors is Said to Bring Bad Luck. Crossing your fingers is said to be lucky.  If you cross your fingers it is said to bring good luck to you.  If you are trying to gain luck and you do this when all else seems like it’s going downhill, it is said that your luck will change.Don’t open an Umbrella inside of your home!  If you do, then bad luck is going to fall on you.  Have you heard that one yet?Movies have been made about Friday the 13th.  When this day happens, people often fear that the worst is going to happen to them. It is a day of evil. If you are Russian or know someone that is Russian, you may have heard the saying, “Don’t wish someone a happy birthday before their birthday.  If you do, it will bring bad luck to that person.” In the Philippines, it is believed that when someone dies and you attend their funeral, you should never go straight home. This is because an evil spirit can follow you home. If you travel to England, you may find that nobody ever puts their shoes on the table. The reason for this is because it means that the person who owns those shoes is going to die or did die. It is known to keep your shoes on the floor and never on the table. Having an itch on your hands lately?  If the itch is on your right hand, you can rest safe. Good luck is coming to you. If you have an itch on the left hand, you better start worrying. Some bad luck is about to fall upon you. This is a Turkish belief. The French believe that if you step in dog doody with your left foot, you will have good luck. If you step on it using your right foot, you better watch out.Has your grandmother ever told you that if a bird poops on your head, consider yourself lucky?  Yes, bird poop does symbolize good luck for you. If a bird takes a dump on your head, something good will happen to you.Does someone that you know in the USA love yellow flowers?  If you visit Russia or know someone that is Russian, never give them yellow flowers. It means that you are wanting someone to cheat on them.  In the USA, this is not taught.  However, in Russia, it is believed to be a bad omen. Superstition to the Max If you are Portuguese, you may never want to walk back. This is because the Portuguese believe that if you walk backwards, you are really telling evil that you are turning your back on good. Ask any witch and they will tell you to watch out for the full moon. Bad things happen on the night of a full moon. It looks beautiful in the sky but has a negative outcome for those that view it.Italians hold onto the belief to never say that same thing at the same time as someone else. If you do, it means that you will be without marriage forever.  Who wants that to happen?  If this happens to you, Italians believe that you need to touch you knows to undo the curse.For centuries, people have believed in the evil eye. It is believed that if the evil eye is cast upon you, it can curse your love life and finances.  Some people do this by planting a photo of an evil eye in your presence or simply looking at you with evil intent.  Every heard of the expressing, “If looks could kill, I would be dead?”Some European cultures believe that if you sing at the dinner table, you are singing to Satan and not to God.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are singing.If you are single and never been married, be sure not to sit in the corner all by yourself at a table.  This is an old-time superstition. It means that you are going to be alone forever if you do this. Wearing red means that you could get hit by lighting. Some Asian countries believe that you need to avoid red during a rainstorm. The Spaniards believe that if you eat 12 grapes on New Years Eve, you will experience good luck for the year.  You don’t have to find anyone to kiss.  Simply eat your grapes and enjoy the rest of the year.Different cultures hold different superstitious beliefs. Some have to do with money and others have to do with love, death and other areas of life.  Try to write down some of your superstitious beliefs and ask your family if they believe that they are superstitious or bad luck.  Is Lucky Money Plain Old Superstition?by The Horoscope Expert | Jun 26, 2019 | SuperstitionWhen someone wins money in the casino, they often say, “Its lucky money”.  Some people in the world are born rich and others are born poor? Is it luck or something spiritual happening in the universe to bring good luck in money to you? This all depends on who you... 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