How to Write a Successful Article

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If you're stumped at how to write a successful article, don't be, there is a strategy and anyone can become good at it.
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Hi Liz,

thanks for sharing your advice. It makes perfect sense to me to keep paragraphs short and to choose attention grabbing and precise headlines. I just read the headline "70 % return on investment in just one hour" - it is certainly attention grabbing but what serious person would ever click on that one ? I wouldn't.

Take care

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Great points Liz...

Love that you've got some really juicy details on how to write a successful post, as well as some powerful overall strategies. Good job!
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Hi Liz,

Great article on writing a great article. I think what I like best is writing like you talk. I hate to read formal articles that read like someone is writing a text book. Adding in some personality keeps an article interesting!

Great post!


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