How Much Do People Know About You?

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There's a high level of skepticism in the internet marketing world today. People have been pitched at and lied to too many times and it does take to develop trust these days. Do people really know much about you?
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Thanks for sharing these very important points on how to make sure that people know us so that we can build trust.

Thank you!

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Great post.

Mavis, you've really explained well why people need to show their face in online marketing today!
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Very important point!

This post explains exactly why you need to show your face when you're marketing online and offers plenty of simple solutions. Great work Mavis, thanks!
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Hi Mavis,

it's the most obvious thing to do nowadays to google people's names. I am more than happy to conquer the entire first page of Google while there's another guy in Germany with my name who was on the first page as well just 6 monts ago. And I googled you too, congrats, looks good.

It amazes me how careless people are sometimes when it comes to their social media profiles. Does it really matter if you are in an online business or not ?

I don't think so because self-branding affects anybody, even if you're "only" looking for a job.

Everybody should take your advice at heart !

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care


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