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Have you ever wondered how someone can publish a new blog posts and get traffic from all walks of life?

Especially with those that only publish a new blog post once a month.

Did they conjure the spirit of Merlin the Magician to magically attract a bunch of people to their blog without even trying?

Ok, I’m being silly but there must be something they’re doing that you’re not, and believe me it’s where they focus most of their energy.

The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds and thousands of resources that you’re probably not tapping into.

You might just share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and just leave it at that.

Other’s of you may just be commenting on different blogs within your niche for couple of days a week and even though those bloggers or reciprocating back, you’re still not getting the multitude of traffic you want.

These are definitely great strategies but as you know this is not enough.

You want to put most of your time promoting your content so that it can get noticed and reshared throughout the internet.

There’s quite a few strategies out there and you want to make sure your goal is to be everywhere your target audience is.

So let’s make you into a clever promotion machine by upping the ante a bit.

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