Geumgwan Gaya, the center of international trade

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The sword made by the people of Gaya was hard and sharp enough to cut anything.The iron of Gaya was of good quality, so it was also rumored to the Korean Peninsula.Then, not only the central and eastern parts of the Korean Peninsula, but also the Japanese people bought Geumgwan Gaya iron.And the people of Geumgwan Gaya sold iron directly to Daebang and Naknang counties.  As a result, I went to China to create a sea route to Japan.People came to Gaya using this sea route.People from other countries stayed by boat in Geumgwan Gaya because it took a long time to go from Japan to Daebang County in Hwanghae Province.Likewise, Chinese officials and merchants stopped by Geumgwan Gaya en route to Japan.Naturally, there were rare items from China and valuable items from Japan in Geumgwan Gaya   Geumgwan Gaya built a huge fortune by converting cheap and precious items into iron and selling them back to China, Japan and neighboring countries.As Geumgwan Gaya grew into a center of international maritime trade, forces trying to take away the Gimhae region emerged.In particular, countries east of the Nakdonggang River frequently attacked Gaya.At that time, he invaded Geumgwan Gaya even though he was the head of a country in Ulsan, but he fled to Silla in Gyeongju after being severely defeated by King Suro's armySince then, Silla has been in Yangsang region of Gyeongsangnam-do several times, but failed to break Geumgwan Gaya.  Geumgwan Gaya firmly maintained its position as the head of the Gaya Confederacy and led foreign trade.

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