facts you didn't know about sugarcane

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tall plant growing in tropical subtropical regions.The strong stem is two to nine meters high and about five centimeters in diameter.Sugar and molasses are made from the sweet pharmacology contained in this stem.The remaining plant fibers that squeeze the liquid are usually used as power generation fuel.  It is also used to make fiberboard and paper.The liquid produced when the sugarcane is crushed to ferment is distilled into car fuel ethanol.  Candy water grows in young shoots from root stalks, a type of underground stem.  The numerous stems that come out on the ground are bare of branches and have two rows of slender long leaves. Candy water's stem is knotted at regular intervals, like bamboo's stem.A regular interval is called a madasa, but the mada is connected to the other mada through a joint called a madar.Each word has eyes that are very similar to potato shoots.You can grow new plants by planting these eyes.The colors of the stem range from yellow to reddish.Many islands in southern Pyongyang grew sugarcane from 8,000 years agoIt was also widely grown in ancient India.The technology for sugarcane cultivation and identity spread from India to China around 100 B.C.  It was not until about 636 that it was introduced to Europe.The colonists brought in candy from America and the West Indies in the 16th century.Brazil, India, Cuba, China and Mexico are the major sugarcane growers today.Sugar cane is usually 24 to 30.  They grow in areas where there is a lot of rain.We can harvest after 8 to 24 months of planting.Some countries, such as Australia and the United States, use machines to cut sugar cane.But in most other parts of the country, workers use large knives to cut them by hand.Since sugar cane is not grown in Korea, sugar is imported.

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