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One of the reward’s that you’ll reap from branding yourself is when your target audience share your content all over social media.

When you’re audience see’s how many shares you have for each blog post, this is a motivating factor letting them know that maybe they should pay attention to your content.

This is why using a plugin like Social Warfare will provide a convenient way for your audience to not only share your content on their desktop but also on their mobile phones.

One of the problems with many blogs is that social buttons aren’t made convenient for the visitors to share their content with ease.

But this isn’t your blog right?

You’ve at least made it easy for your audience to share your content on their mobile correct?

If you have a mobile phone, it’s very convenient for you to get online.

And you’ll find many people on Twitter and Facebook via their mobile.

We love convenience and practicality.

Most get irritated with a convoluted blog where we have to search for social share buttons.

I know I do.

But it doesn’t have to be like this

And I’m going to show you in this Social Warfare Review of how this plugin will benefit you and your audience in the long run.

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