Curbing the sweet tooth made simple

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Curbing the sweet tooth made simple!
By Hannah Tyldesley
When it comes to curbing the sweet tooth, we're never short of choice. The 'healthy snacks' market is every growing, be it bountiful berry or sumptuous salted caramel, there's a company out there that has got it covered. One thing we have found though, is that it can difficult to determine the good sugars from the bad, the natural from the unnatural. To conquer these queries, we've compiled a list of our 5 favourites...
1. Pulsin Bars
The perfect pocket snack for on the go. Vegan, gluten and dairy free these bars suit everyone, packing in the protein whilst low in sugar and deliciously tasty. They also come in a variety of flavours including almond and raisin, and orange chocolate chip! Who's hungry?
2. Whitworths 'Shots'
With each sweet snack shot under 100 calories, these are perfect for those watching their calorie intake. From 'toffee and pecan' to 'tropical coconut', each sachet offers an abundance of flavour, goodness and excitement to every snack!
3. Rude Health snack bars
Rude Health’s snack bars are an allotment full of fruit & veg in a fudgy bar with seeds & nuts thrown in for good measure. And if that isn’t enough they are high in fibre, gluten-free and made with no refined sugar. We simply can't get enough!
4. Bounce Balls
Eat good, feel good, do good. The Bounce philosophy is right in line with our own, which is why they're a TRAINFITNESS firm favourite... especially their brand new coconut and lemon flavour!
5. Kind Bars
Each bar is made from whole nuts, fruits and spices, bound together with honey for a simple and delicious snack, packing in 72% nuts! And let us tell you we're nuts for them ourselves!

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