Chai Tea Sugar Cookies: Guest Post by Sarah Elizabeth

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Hi there tea community!I think it's important that you guys know that this blog is about what you want to read about tea. I want to make content that you can all relate to. This website means nothing if it doesn't appeal to the tea community. Or should I say communiTEA. My post about my Matcha Chocolate Chip cookies inspired reader Sarah Elizabeth to make her own tea cookies. She tweeted me the idea and the results, so I asked if she wanted to guest post. She said yes! If anyone else has ideas they want to guest post about, don't be shy. Anyone can guest post! You just have to contact me and we will work out the details. Anyways, here is Sarah and her Chai Tea Sugar Cookies!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Good day world of tea drinkersRecently after reading about the Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies that Leah had made, it had me wanting to experiment baking with tea.  My go to cookie to bake are sugar cookies so I figured that would be where I would start, after looking at my tea shelf the best choice was using some Twinings Chai Tea hoping it would work out.  (Spoiler alert: It worked deliciously!)Recipe:1. I used a pre-packed sugar cookie mix where I only had to add 1 egg, a little bit of water, and room temperature softened butter2. With the Twingins Tea, I cut open the tea bag and added a few pinches since I didn’t have any loose tea left3. Mix all ingredients well4. Place the cookie dough in little balls on the cookie sheet5. Set the over for 350°F6. Length of cooking time can vary from 10-13 minutesIt wasn’t a strong taste but you could taste the tea in the cookie.The hardest part with these cookies was saving some for another dayThis is what it looked like when it was done:Hope you enjoy! -Sarah

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