Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

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A cancer man is born between June 21st and July 22nd. He is the kind of man that will open car doors for you.  The Aquarius woman is born between the months January 20th and February 18th.  An Aquarius woman does not trust easy and the Cancer man will have to win her approval before she is willing to give him her heart. 
Cancer men tend to give the Aquarius woman what she needs in a romantic relationship.  She is often the kind of woman that feels more comfortable when she has a man around her that can take care of her needs.  She is an independent woman. However, she tends to want to feel more secure having her man take care of her in life. 
If an Aquarius woman is with a weak man, she will feel like maybe there are “better fish in the sea.”  Cancer men are not her strongest love match.  However, A Scorpio or Taurus man may be a bit to strong with her because she is often set in her ways. Scorpio and Taurus men are also set in their ways.  A Cancer, Virgo and Pisces man seems to be more compatible with her. 
The Aquarius man can be a bit difficult for a Cancer man to handle at times.  One of the main reasons is because she loves to dig for information.  An Aquarius woman will often dig for answers until she gets what she is looking for.  She may ask her boyfriend/husband where he was all day. If he says, “I was out with my friends”, she will not stop at that. She will keep on asking, “Where did you guys go?  Did you have fun?  Who were you with?  Was any other woman around?  Did you miss me?  I hardly heard from you all day. You didn’t have any time to call me?” Yes, she will dig and dig until she finds out that he is telling her the truth.  This will often get on the Cancer man’s nerves and sometimes cause a fight.  He is not ignorant to what the Aquarius woman is doing. He knows that she is prying for information because she doesn’t trust him fully.  She wants to know if he is going to leave her or what will happen if he finds another woman. 
Aquarius women have the tendency of getting burned one to many times.  She often doesn’t want to experience any more pain and suffering in her life when it comes to love. Once she finds a man that she is involved with, she wants to keep him happy. 
Aquarius women tend to be more sociable with friends, family and work colleagues.  She is driven by her own success in the workplace or at home as a housewife. An Aquarius woman wants to make sure that her family is taken care of and she tends to be more dominating and controlling than the other zodiac signs.  This is not an entirely bad thing if you have a passive man.  If he is not passive, it will be WWIII for the two of you.   

The passive nature of a cancer man allows him to enjoy more relaxing hobbies such as: fishing, hiking, boating, reading books and other relaxing activities. He often enjoys doing this with an Aquarius woman.  You can say that he is more of a family man. He often has more passive job roles as a psychologist, counselor, handyman (likes working with his hands), pastor, medical practitioner.  He has a great love and desire for helping people.  He wants to help his Aquarius lover when he can. He likes to feel that he can provide for her financially. He is often the kind of guy that says, “You can handle the finances in the household, here is my check.”  He often likes to make his lady feel a sense of security. 
Aquarius woman often like the fact that a Cancer man is often not a screamer. He often doesn’t start yelling when something is going wrong in his life. He often has the tendency to think things through and talk about it in a more calm and collective manner. 
Both zodiac signs have the tendency to overthink things.  Cancer men are often more trusting.  They will take your word for it and often only have to say something once.  In this way, the Aquarius woman and Cancer man compliment one another.  The Aquarius woman has the tendency to be a bit sneaky at times. She may find herself surfing through another guys online profile. She is never completely secure in her lover. She is always thinking about a possible backup plan in case he should leave her.  She always wants to know that she won’t be alone forever.  The Aquarius woman must be careful to not let her Cancer man know what she is doing.  He will take this as a gesture that you don’t value him enough to want to stay devoted to him. He may label you as being a cheater.  This would be a worse case scenario.  Most Cancer men don’t pry into your business and are often quiet by nature. They often don’t talk a mile a minute.  Aquarius women tend to be more talkative at times and therefore balance the relationship out. She asks questions and he answer them.  The two often do not clash. 
A Cancer mans calm nature allows him to be a collector of all sorts. You may find him collecting coins, seashells, action figures and much more.  He is the kind of person that takes pleasure in the simple things in life.  Take him for a walk in the park and he may know the names of certain trees or plants.  Aquarius women often need more to get them excited. She often loves vacationing away with her family and friends. She often likes to have large crowds around her.  She wants to make sure that everything around her is moving in a good direction.  It’s important to her to see that she can understand what is happening in her life on a day to day basis. 

He is the kind of person that is Calm in Nature.

Cancer Men Are Calm.

The funny thing is that Cancer is represented by the sign of the crab. He tends to be a bit tired and crabby at times.  You may find that when you are talking to him, he is rather unhappy as a person.  The crab has a tough outer shell.  The Cancer man has the same shell in person because he likes to protect himself from getting hurt. He will often hurt you before you hurt him. He is very smart at outsmarting his opponent. 
He is ruled by the moon.  This makes him a protector.  You will find that your words can wound him deeply if you say it with hurtful intent. It’s best for the Aquarius woman to not say something that she will later regret. It can be painful the for the Cancer man to say what he feels.  It is often a rather difficult process for the Cancer man to recover from words that you may not mean. 
Cancer men tend to be more introverted in their thinking.  They may remember something that happened 20 years ago that was either good or painful.  If he remembers something that happened to him decades ago, he will most likely feel that it still must be dealt with. He doesn’t let go easily and wants to let you know that he still remembers everything that happened. If you ever cheated on him, he will always remember that.  The only thing that you can do to recover from this is to never do it again. 
Cancer men are often close to their mothers and have a protective nature over her.  Don’t think that you can cross his mother. If you fight with his mother, he will often take her side over yours. He knows that his mother will be with him forever and you may not be.  He knows that 50% of all marriages fail and most relationships don’t last beyond 5 years. He knows that his mother will be along for a lot longer than that.  You will often feel that you must compete for his time when he wants to see her. 
Cancer men are often possessive and jealous over what is theirs.  You must ask for permission when you want something from them. Don’t just assume that you can use his car if you haven’t asked him first. He is very particular with what is yours and his.  He is generous but likes to be given respect before giving you what is his. 
Cancer men love being at home with their loved ones.  They don’t like to go out that much when they are tired.  You will often watch him suggesting that the two to you watch a movie.
It is becoming more common for Cancer men to be stay at home dads.   Many Aquarius women are driven to work for themselves and let her man stay at home.  Her take charge personality will often make him feel that this is okay to do.  However, communicate with him first and find out if he is okay with this. Remember, assume nothing.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Personality Traits….

The cancer man wants to work hard to take care of his family.  He is not lazy and tends to find work rather easily. He knows that he must always move things along in his life in order to make something happen for the better. Cancer men love gifts for birthdays, holidays and all types of occasions. 
Many Aquarius woman like the fact that Cancer men are more feminine in nature than other zodiac signs. He is more of a “touchy feely” type of guy.  These men like sweet smells. If you want to turn him on romantically, wear a sweet-smelling perfume. This will make him feel more in tune with you and compatible. You will find that he enjoys wearing more sweet-smelling colognes as well. It’s important for you to look at life and feel like things are finally going to move ahead for you. 
Cancer men like to make their homes full of comfortable furniture. It is often looking Feng Shui because everything has its right place.  You will find that putting around a lot of house plants will make him feel the happiest. He will often be the one to water the plants because he has a caring nature and doesn’t want to see the plants dying. 
He is often the person that will walk the dog and mop the floor when necessary.  The energy around him is to show that he is powerful in nature and can-do things to make other people feel happy. He is often the kind of person that doesn’t want an excuse.  He likes to have tasks completed. Housework usually shared by Aquarius and Cancer.  You will find that he is not a slob. Aquarius woman often find that her Cancer man is a great chef at home.
Cancer men have the tendency to overlook certain things. He is often trying to work on his own hobbies throughout the day. He likes to get his work done so that he can have more free time at night.  He isn’t much for getting together with friends outside of your relationship.  He will often talk on the phone with friends and family. However, he is not particularly known for talking with other guys on the phone.  He is the kind of person that doesn’t want to see everything going south in his life. He wants to make sure that he is pleasing those around him. 
Aquarius women often have the tendency to hang out with her friends to hear regular gossip.  She is often opening her ears up to what her friends have to say about the latest trends in fashion and their own relationship gossip.  She is the kind of person that wants to know specific details as to when something is going to happen or if she must change anything to make something come to be.  It is important for her to get something off her chest if she suspects a problem may be occurring.  She likes to take care of problems before they become bigger.

Some famous cancer men celebrities are: Tom Hanks, Robin Williams,  Anthony Bourdain, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise and Kevin Hart. 
Famous Aquarian women are Alicia Keys, Lisa Marie Presley, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres.
Aquarius women enjoy going to the park.  She is the kind of woman that loves the great outdoors for romance, pleasure and hanging out.  A great date for the two of you would be to watch the sunset come down. 
If you are a Cancer man trying to impress an Aquarian woman, try taking her out on a picnic date. She would love to sit on a blanket with you on a warm summer’s day watching the sun and eating sandwiches. 
At night, the two of you can play board games.  Aquarius women tend to like games that challenge her mind.  A game of Trivia Pursuit would most likely be the best game for her as she loves to be challenged. 
Aquarius women are known for bringing friends into the relationship. She may find that her Cancer man only has a few or no close friends.  She often wants to have her man hanging out with the people that she knows best.  If she suspects that one of her friends are into her Cancer man, she will often separate the two.  Aquarius women are known for fighting for what’s hers as well. 
Many Aquarius women are slick in the way that they keep on asking questions.  They are trying to trap you or at least find out as much as they can about the situation.  They will often flip things on you and make you think that its your fault instead of theirs.  It can be hard for a Cancer man to feel like he is the one not being entirely truthful when the Aquarius is often the person causing the problem. 
Many Aquarius women are known to have wealth.  Either through inheritance or hard work, she tends to keep enough money to retire on and to have for the rest of her life.  She often wants to feel that she has something coming into her life on a consistent basis.  She is often the person in the relationship to look far ahead into the future and plan for retirement and even her burial place. She often wants to know that everything is taken care of before she even has the chance to do anything else.  Her mind can bond with others that are in need.  She likes to feel that she is wanted and helpful to those that have little.  She always tends to want to have a pet or a person around. She rarely likes to be alone. Her mindset is to try and make everything in her life work out for her as best as she can.  She wants to make sure that she has done her part.  Aquarius women tend to feel like they must take care of something or else it will most likely fall apart.  She has gotten used to taken charge.

Aquarius Women Tend to Go After What They Want in Life.

Aquarius Women Know How to Take Care of Themselves.

Aquarius women tend to be college educated and enjoy studying.  Their mind absorbs information rather quickly and are known to reach high levels of education. You may find that she has a master’s degree or even PHD.  She is often proud of her accomplishments and encourages her Cancer man to get ahead as well.  She is often the brains in the relationship and can figure things out before they can happen.  She is known for not having anyone get in the way.  When she says that she is determined to do something, she is. 
It’s important for her to get the help that she needs when she needs it.  It is mandatory for her to receive compliments on her physical appearance as much as possible. Cancer men should know that its important to tell her how her dress looks on her or how wonderful she did her makeup. If you show her your love, she is more prone to do nice things for you as well. 
Romantically, the two of you are romantic in bed.  An Aquarius woman often likes to spend long hours in bed asleep or simply cuddling with her man. Cancer men seem to be the same in the sense that he wants to show you that he is affectionate.  Many Cancer men are passionate kissers and tend to hang out with you for hours on end.  He likes to feel that he can put a smile on your face. 
Cancer men are known for passionate French kissing and giving a woman a night out on the town.  He is often the first person to say, “Would you like to go out for some Chinese food tonight?”  He always tries to find a way to take the burden off you. He is often the person that wants to see you more at peace. He doesn’t like to see you feeling sad or like something is wrong. He is the kind of person that wants to let you know that his heart and soul are into making the right choice. 
Many Cancer men love sports. He is always about team building and team bonding.  If you are not into sports, you are going to have to give him his guy time to stay fixated on his favorite games. He will often ask his friend to hang out with him to watch the game or to go see a game.  He is the kind of person that wants to keep up with what interests him the most. 
Aquarius women often love getting their hair and nails done.  She is often the first person to notice that she needs a manicure.  She loves to have her mindset changing for the better and becoming a lot more productive.  Ask her a question and she will give you a response. It is often difficult to see her without words.  Giving an Aquarius woman a gift for the salon would surely make her day.  She is the kind of person that always seems to look at life differently. 

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