Blogging Tips|How To Give Your Visitors More Than Enough!

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Your goal is to get your visitors to stay on your blog and explore what you've got. Here are some simple but effective ways you can implement to give your blog visitors more than they have bargained for.
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Hi Mavis,

you are definitely over-delivering advice and cool plugins.

It's absolutely crucial to update older posts - because you can add internal links to posts you created later.

I am amazed how many older posts are perfect in oder to link to my Think and grow rich series, for example.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

Take care

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This is such a great post.

Anyone looking to improve the structure of their blog and decrease their bounce rate will find some incredibly useful gems in here.

Well done Mavis, and thanks for sharing it here Oliver...
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Hi Mavis,

I've been using several of these plugins and I'm seeing a definite decrease in my bounce rate! :) Yea!

I love how you always over deliver. Even as I'm gaining more and more experience blogging, I still learn new things so it makes it fun to come back and see what you're writing about! (I know..that's your goal!)

You're doing a great job!


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