Blogging Challenge|Staying the Course and Finishing Early!!

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This is my 70th post, which means that I have successfully completed the Prove It Blogging Challenge, two weeks early. How did I do it? What have I achieved? What lessons did I learn? Read for yourself!
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Hi Mavis,

congratulations to your accomplishments, chapeau :-)

You did a terrific job in the challenge and so it was always a pleasure to come to your blog and leave comments.

So I even feel more honoured to be mentioned as one of your top commentators, thanks for that.

Keep up your great work.

And, I’m just curious, what’s next ?

Take care

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Hey Oliver,

Thank you so much for the congratulations and encouragement. You’ll be finishing in a few days – well done to you too! :)

You’re welcome – I appreciate your continued support, my friend.

I’ll be focusing on promoting my contest entry more and doing other bits that I had neglected – ouch! Some things had to suffer ;)

Much success to you,

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Hi Mavis,

Congratulations on completing this awesome Blogging challenge. You ROCK.

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Great job, Mavis! Congratulations, well done! You are a true leader!

And thanks for the mention as one of your top commentators. I truly appreciate it! ...and I am in such great company with Oliver :)

Enjoy a relaxing weekend! You deserve it!

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You're welcome, Ilka. Yep, you're in great company indeed :)

I'm going to have a well-deserved rest :D

Have a great one too!

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Mavis you're a star, shining more brightly every day! Well done to you. Yiu deserve all the success you attract. :)

Thansk for the mention on your blog and have an awesome weekend,


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