blast fx v 17.1

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blast fx V17.1

New exercises, new movement patterns and new challenges are what we aim to give you in blast fx. Katy & Leanne are going to do just this in v17.1. We start with a whole new, UNIQUE (different to pump fx) playlist. Yes, we have separated out the soundtracks for pump fx and blast fx. In terms of new moves, we see a progression of the Shrimp Squat which was introduced in v16.3 and an amazing Plyometric Plank in our Core track. Deep breaths now, and begin.

We start with “Turn Up The Music”. Katy introduces us to some flowing movements to mobilise the joints and warm up the body. The style of this mobilisation is quite different to previous ones and aims to give greater mobility through the hips in preparation for what’s to come.

Leanne then delivers the Plyometric/Propulsion track with “Mighty Real”. The big move here is the Feel Good Leap. Step into it, sit deep and jump high – always on the “…you make me feel.”

We continue to increase the intensity with HIIT and “Into the Night”. We add our first sports conditioning-based move here with the Slam Dunk. Jump high, pull those arms down hard and fast as you throw the ball through the hoop. Parachute Overs are next. Ignore the beat and do as many as you can. We then finish our 45 second work cycles with the Gridiron (American football) Run. The aim is anaerobic training, so no stopping. You really want to hear you group puffing and panting by the end.

After HIIT, we drop the intensity down (kind of) for the Core track with “Lift Me Up”. The Plyometric Plank requires a fast contraction through the core muscles to go from elbow to palms. This is a full-body core workout that requires both stamina and control.

Katy then introduces us to PHA and “We Are Family”. Every time you hear “We are family” or “Get up everybody and sing”, you squat. The instrumental is the killer hold. We then drop for a couple of sets of Push-ups to allow the quads to recover, but not too much. Everyone will be gritting their teeth on this track.

After PHA, we need to give the legs a little bit of a break so we move onto the Balance track with “Hallelujah”. This is a dynamic Balance track where we move through different positions including a Knee Squat and a Single Arm Leg Plank. We start though by teaching the Extended Shrimp Squat. Transfer your weight onto that front leg as much as you can, then lift the back toe if you can, before you do the lift. Control!

Track 7 is “Burning” and is our Agility track. Starting in Beast with knees just an inch off the floor, we gradually build a small combination that sees us get up off the floor and change directions quickly. You must be agile to get it all done in time to the music.

As the release draws to a close, we aim to increase the intensity one last time with HIIT and “Tell Me”. Leanne uses Ski Jumps and Jogs to hit that anaerobic training zone.

We finish off the workout with “Riot” as our second PHA track. We alternate between Lunges coupled with Walking Get Up Get Downs and Upper Body Breakdance. A bit of agility is required with both upper and lower body endurance.

Wrap up the workout with our Active Recovery track, “I Give You All”. Simple 3D stretches following similar flowing movements as used in the Mobilisation track. Everyone will need a good stretch, so at the end recommend your group targets the calves, quads and glutes in some static and developmental stretches after the workout.

Our Fitness Test is done in place of track 3 in this release, “Into the Night”. As always, the exercises are practised every week and then you conduct the Fitness Test in weeks 1, 6, 11 and 16. The aim is to do more repetitions then you did in the previous test. Here are Leanne’s scores. How do yours compare?

• 19 x Thread the Needle Right
• 12 x Parachute Overs
• 35 x Jump Squats
• 16 x Thread the Needle Left

Like everything in life, you’ve got to get into it to get something out of it. Get into blast v17.1 and let us know the heights you scale!

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