Ask Mavis|How Do You Keep Motivated to Blog?

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Blogging is not easy. It takes total commitment, time, hard work, discipline, passion to build a successful blog. You can easily get overwhelmed and discouraged. So what drives you to keep blogging?
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Hi Mavis,

thanks for sharing your insights.

The fact that blogging is not easy requires a driving force and a vision that is bigger than ourselves.

One that can’t be achieved alone. The complete awareness that we can’t make it alone will include our readers and audience in every step we take and every breath we make.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to deny our personality in order to please them.

The single most exciting factor that keeps me blogging is the wonderful feedback about how my posts and insights affected other people’s thinking and other people’s lives.

Take care

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Hi Mavis,

My readers motivate me. Knowing that I’m helping them by the feedback they give me is a huge motivator for me. I also love “discovering” fun new things that I can surprise my readers with. And of course, I’ve found a love for writing and this is a great outlet to be a grown-up when most of my day is centered around being a mom. :)

The stats and measurable growth are pretty darned motivating to! And the friendships…okay…I’m done or this comment will be a post itself. :)

Motivated beyond belief after reading this…time to go blog.


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