an interesting fact about lettuce

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ssam and salded vegetables  I usually eat raw without cooking.Because lettuce is very low in calories and is rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin A, it is very popular in the diet.  Most types of lettuce grow almost to the ground because they are large leaves, green, and have very short stems.It is considered an important crop in many parts of the world.I grow many varieties in my family.It seems that lettuce farming first began in Persia around 550 B.C.lettuce can be largely divided into congee, lettuce, leaves, lettuce, and lettuceThe conjunctival lettuce makes a ball-shaped fastener by wrapping leaves around the center in layers.  This kind of lettuce tastes less delicious than other kinds, but people like to eat it because it feels crispy than it does.Leaf lettuce has few leaves and shrivels. This kind of lettuce grows more than any other kind of lettuce.Most leaf lettuce has light green leaves, but some red leaf varieties have been improved to enhance its flavor and color. The light, wrinkled leaves vary in shape depending on the variety.Cabbage lettuce grows long and straight, and leaves curl inside.Leaves are easily damaged when transported by tender sea, so it is the least nutritious type of food.  Other kinds are celery lettuce and prenatal lettuce.Salary lettuce is characterized by a combination of celery and lettuce.All kinds of lettuce that we see today, wild lettuce grows in temperate regions all over the world.

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