About the cactus you didn't know.

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It is native to America and South America.  The plant is a cactus and it is a spiny plant.According to scientists, cactus first lived on Earth millions of years ago.The cactus that grew in this period had leaves and woody stems like trees.Cactus has very long roots that grow close to the surface to store as much water as possible.   The cactus' roots are 15 meters long, so it can absorb a lot of water on a rainy day.   Cactus thorns serve to protect plants from being eaten by animals.Cactus flowers usually run for a short period of time.act as a deterrent against the evaporation of water from the petals.All cactus reproduce by means of meteoric reproduction.Cactus flowers have a male part.  In order for the cactus to reproduce, the yellow flower made in the aquatic region of the plant must be modified with the egg cells in the cancerous region.While eating insects, birds, bats, and honey that have been attracted to the colorful colors and scent of flowers, cactus is buried in the bodies of these animals and transported from one plant to another.   This process is called moisture.Cactus seeds spread through the wind, rain, and birds.Only one or two seeds live to the end and grow into a new cactus.Some cactus reproduce in a silent reproduction that does not require seeds and flowers.For example, the Pricklypeer ship has weak joints on its stem, and when it falls off and blooms on the ground, it grows into a new root and becomes a new plant.Cactus usually grows very slowly.It takes about a year for a young plant to reach 2.5 centimeters tall.A more mature plant grows to about 7.5 to 10 centimeters a year.Cactus can live about 50 to 200 years.

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