a secret I didn't know about a puppy.

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Watching the puppy welcome him, he feels sorry for his owner, so he plays hard.Because I want to soothe the lonely heart of the dog that has been at home all day and relax.   But that's actually a wrong idea.To become a great deal of stress in dogs to play together at home.The reason is that people have their own circumstances and things happen.Sometimes you are forced to leave your dog alone at home or greet someone who suddenly visits you.The owner thinks it's a regular thing to play with the owner every day.That is, I think we should play together every day.Therefore, a dog that can't understand his owner's situation must ask his owner to play with him even if he wants his face to be taken care of.If the family is watching TV without paying attention to themselves, the dog may interfere.   But it's not always good to pretend that we're playingThe reason is that it is a common symptom when under severe stress.The more stress you get, the more discontent you get.They bite slippers and shake things around, chew things well, bite things, and so on.In addition, the dog is nervous about the large house.It's because he doesn't know when another dog will come, so he knows he's protecting his territory.     Stuffy it might seem on the human eye dogs have a small house is not inconvenient at all.

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