a fact you didn't know about the appearance of sharks.

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Sharks are different from other fish in many ways.Sharks, for example, have strong, resilient cartilage, not a tibia.Most of them have a streamlined body and this shape helps them swim.Sharks have fewer babies at once than other fish.Some breed more than 60 babies a day, but most give birth to only 볓.The mother does not take care of the young and even takes care of them.Sharks, unlike most other fish, are fertilized inside the female body.The male has two mating devices, which fertilizes the egg by placing the sperm into the female's body.  Eggs usually hatch inside the female body and the baby is born active.But about 40 species lay their eggs out of the body.Sharks can swim very fast when they are excited.Blue sharks swim at a speed of 69 kilometers per hour.The fastest swimming shark has a crescent-shaped tail.This tail is the driving force behind the swim.Usually the inside of the tail is longer than the bottom.The shark's mouth is mostly at the bottom of its head.But the shark, Megamouth Shark, has a mouth at the front of its head.It is sometimes known that sharks come up behind people's backs and attack them, but this is not true.  Sharks are covered with small scales that look like this.The shark's skin is very rough because of this shield's scale.Sharks get oxygen from baby meat just like other fish do.Sharks don't have gills, but sharks have five or seven holes on either side of their heads.The gills drain through this hole.Unlike other fish, sharks do not pump water into their gills.Sharks keep hitting the comet to send water from their mouths to their gills.Sharks have very sensitive sensory organs to find food.Although you can't hear low sounds, your hearing is so sensitive that you can track your prey through sound.  Sharks have very sensitive eyes, so they can see objects in dark places. They are not accurate, but they can also distinguish colors.

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