3 Books every creative entrepreneur should read

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Combining artistry with entrepreneurship is no easy task, I have personally enjoyed the practical side of each author and the transparency in which they share their insights and practical ways to start any creative endeavour. I am recommending three specific books that have personally help me in my own ideation/creative process. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 1. MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN BY SCOTT BELSKY: Scott Belsky is the creator of Behance, a platform created for artists/creators. In this book, he speaks of overcoming the obstacles between vision and reality, and describes the forces that make ideas happen which are: 1. Organization and execution, 2. Leveraging the forces of community 3. Leadership capacity in creative pursuits. 2. CREATIVITY RULES BY TINA SEELIG: Tina Seelig is a professor at Stanford University. In this book she speaks about getting ideas out of your head and into the world, the book is divided into four parts: 1. Imagination, 2. Creativity, 3. Innovation, 4. Entrepreneurship. She shares practical tools and mindsets about creativity and entrepreneurship. Click here for more info 3. DISCIPLINED DREAMING BY JOSH LINKNER: Josh Linkner is the founder of ePrize and award-winning entrepreneur, he shares a step by step system for creativity in order to expand creative capacity, fueling competitive advantage and building bother personal and professional growth. The recommended system has five steps: 1. Ask, 2. Prepare 3. Discover 4. Ignite 5. Launch.

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