28 Questions Answered About Psychics and Clairvoyants

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#1 What is a Clairvoyant?A clairvoyant is someone that can see into the future using their sixth sense. The sixth sense is a spiritual belief that there is a third eye located in the center of your forehead.  Clairvoyants don’t need to use any spiritual tools such as tarot cards or astrology charts to do a psychic reading. All that they must do is close their eyes and get visions for people. Clairvoyants online need to see the future through their own thoughts or some sort of communication with a spiritual energy or entity.  Many clairvoyants view their spiritual gift as being something supernatural. #2 What is the Definition of PsychicA psychic is someone that can predict the future or see something from the past using a supernatural gift.  Psychics make predictions using various means to include clairvoyance, numerology, runes, horoscopes, fortune cookies, tarot cards, astrology charts, angel cards and much more.  Psychics work independently or for a psychic network.  Sometimes psychics offer free readings in order to entice new customers to use their services.#3 What Are Names that Mean Psychic?ClairvoyantWitchTarot ReaderAstrologerMagiDruidProphetDivinerEmpathLight WorkerMedium#4 What Are Witch Love Spells?People often call upon witches to do love spells in order to bring a lover back into their life. A love spell can be used for any purpose to bring love into your life. Witches will often use potions, candles, incense, oil and brew to cast spells.  Witches will often invest their time and energy into someone’s life in order to show them that they can have love in their life if they use magic to bring it to themselves. Witchcraft has been around for centuries and is often used by people from all over the world. The art of witchcraft is often passed down from one generation to the next.#5 What Are Black Spells?Black spells are often called “Black magic” as well. Black magic spells are cast on people when you want to have something bad happen to them. If you want to wish evil upon someone, people may use Voodoo or spells in order to make someone suffer. Black spells are often shunned upon because most people prefer to use white magic because you use witchcraft for love. #6 How Can You Become a Psychic?Becoming a psychic takes time and energy. You need to spend at least an hour a day giving free psychic readings in order to get better at giving psychic readings.  You become psychic the more that you use your spiritual gifts and abilities. Tapping into your sixth sense will allow you to help people from all walks of life. Most people say that they would like to have a psychic reading, but most people don’t know how to give a psychic reading.  You can take courses and train with other psychics. It’s important to always ask yourself why you want to be a clairvoyant. The more that you know, the higher knowledge you will obtain. #7 What is a Psychic Radio Show?Psychic radio shows are becoming more common with the internet.  These shows often have psychics on them that give psychic readings on the air to people that call in with questions about love, money or their career.  You may get people searching for someone that can connect to their deceased loved one that passed away ten years ago. You can often find psychic radio shows on websites like Blogtalkradio.com or LA Radio.  Psychic radio shows can also talk about spirituality and how it relates to your life.#8 How to Make Love Potions and Spells? Love spells and potions are often taught through books. Witches often pass down their book of spells from one generation to the next. Most witches have their own potions that claim to have worked in previous generations.  You may find that casting spells has a lot to do with your intention and faith that the spell will work. Witches believe that potions for spells only work if you have a spiritual faith that believes that they will come to pass. #9 What Are Santeria Love Spells?Santeria is the worship of saints. If you cast a spell asking your saint to make the spell work, then you are using a Santeria love spell.  This is widely practiced in Cuba and often used in the United States as well for fortune telling. #10 How to Make Easy Money Spells?Get a green candle from the store and light it for around an hour a day.  Ask the universe to bring money to you. Believe that money is gonged to come to you and then you will start to see results. If you don’t believe that the universe can give you money, then your money spell will often not work. Every witch knows that you must use the power of intention to get something to work for you.#11 Who Are the Best Love Spell Casters?Anyone that has experience in casting love spells is the best fit.  Witches that are fifty years old or more are often the best type of psychic for the job.  You will often find that witches that have casted hundreds of spells often do a much better job in getting the spell to work.  They understand how spiritual energy works and want to help you to find love in your life.  Work with experienced psychics only.#12 What is a Psychic School?A psychic school is often found online or through social groups that meet regularly. These psychic groups will often have you sit with others that want to learn how to use their clairvoyant gifts and abilities.  You will often listen to group lectures and practice giving readings to one another in a group setting. This can often be a scary moment for new psychics because they often don’t know if their gift is even real.  Most psychics question their reading ability before they feel confident that their gift works. #13 What Are Free Voodoo Love Spells?  Voodoo is a spiritual belief system that is used to attract love or spiritual protection. It is widely practiced in Haiti and parts of the United States. Psychics on the internet often advertise that they are willing to give you one free voodoo love spell in order to make you a believer in their spiritual gifts and abilities. Sometimes, this gives the customer a lot of confidence in the person that you are speaking to or looking to hire.  Sometimes, the Voodoo psychic will give you 3 minutes for free to try them out. #14 How to Find Reputable Psychic Readings?Finding a psychic that is reputable is not always easy. However, here are a few pointers:Only use psychics that have a 5-star rating.Only use reputable websites.Always know the full price of the psychic reading before you get started.Work with psychics that have more than ten years of experience reading people.#15 What Are Death Spells?Death spells are a form of black magic. They are used to bring someone to their death.  Perhaps someone is making someone angry and they want them to die for whatever reason.  These spells are often prayed over people to cause something evil to happen to them so that they may die early or before their time. #16 What is an Astrology Psychic Reading?An astrology psychic reading uses a chart to make a prediction. Astrologers will put together an astrology chart using your name, date and time of birth and other detailed facts. The astrology chart will be constructed by the astrologer personally and given to the person that they are making it for.  This is often a true eye opener for anyone that wants to learn what may be headed for them in the future. This makes a great gift for someone that you know is searching for answers in different areas of their lives.#17 What is Psychic Meditation?Meditation has been practiced for centuries. The object of meditation is to find absolute peace.  When you dig deep into your spirit and mind, you begin to see that you are more than just a body.  Just focusing your mind on the powers of the universe for 15 minutes a day can bring your entire body to a relaxing state. You may not know it now, but the soul has a lot to offer.  Great minds like Buddha have taught people that man is responsible for bringing peace to themselves through meditation and that the soul is always evolving.#18 What is a Real Psychic?A real psychic is someone that has a high accuracy in predictions.  Real psychics don’t guess what is going to happen. They can give you specific and accurate details when it comes to giving you answers.  They are known to have a good reputation.  Psychics like the late Baba Vanga and Edgar Cayce were known to be real psychics during their lifetime. Real psychics are hard to find because there are a lot of frauds on the internet today claiming to have real psychic powers. However, you will find that they are fakes. #19 What is a Psychic Spiritualist?Spiritualism because popular in the United States during the 20th century.  Spiritual communities like Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York is a community of psychics and mediums.  A psychic spiritualist is someone that practices the religion of spiritualism and gives psychic readings at the same time. Not every spiritualist is a medium. #20 What is a Psychic Matchmaker?Psychic matchmakers put couples together. If you are searching for your true soulmate, you may find that a matchmaker is helpful.  Psychics will often cast a love spell for you or tell you that someone is going to be coming into your life that will be a perfect fit. You may find that this kind of psychic predicts love accurately and can open many doors for you. #21 What is a Tarot Deck Reading?A tarot deck reading consists of 78 cards.  There is the major and minor arcana. Tarot cards give you the power to pick a card and get read a fortune. You may have questions about your boyfriend/girlfriend.  You may want to know when they are going to enter your life once again. You may find tarot to be useful because it will make accurate predictions for you. You won’t have to worry when something good is going to happen for you. In fact, you will come to see that getting more tarot card readings will lead you to the actual truth in your life. #22 Do You Have Psychic Intuition?Yes, we all have psychic intuition.  However, not everyone knows how to use their intuition.  Most people will not understand their psychic gifts and abilities until they have trained themselves to learn.  This often requires someone to read books about the topic and to learn more about spirituality in their own way.  As you tap into your sixth sense, you will begin to see that your intuition goes a lot deeper than what you may have expected.  It is helpful to write down what you learn about your sixth sense. Keep notes so that the doors will keep on opening for you.#23 What are Psychic Visions?Psychics visions are powerful.  You may be sitting somewhere in meditation and get a vision about the future. Perhaps you will notice that your visions open new doors for you because it is predicting the future. You will be able to see everything that is happening in front of you.  A psychic vision is impactful.  What you see may happen at some point in the future.  Visions often happen when we least expect. We often get them because the spirit world is trying to reveal some important information to us.  We may not always understand the vision at first, but its important to try to receive the information as quickly as you can. #24 What is Psychic Guidance?Psychic guidance is asking a clairvoyant to help you to see the future about something in your life. You may ask the psychic to help guide you in a relationship or something that you are going through daily. You may find that the clairvoyants ability directs your path in many ways. You may find that their ability is something that you find to be helpful and honest. #25 What is a Mobile Psychic?A mobile psychic is a clairvoyant that you can text through your phone. You can also talk to them as well.  It is becoming more popular for people to reach out to a spiritual adviser for help using a mobile phone.  You can often get psychic readings via chat, phone, email and texting. #26 How to Be a PsychicThere is no right or wrong way to be a psychic.  All that it takes is discipline and practicing your abilities time and time again. The more that you use your psychic gifts, the better that you will become. Most people don’t know that psychics are not born with an ability to read people. It is often learned over time and by using your gift a lot.  Once someone begins to read people, they quickly learn what they can see in their visions. #27 How to Find Psychic Help OnlineFinding psychic help online is easy. All that you must do is go to a psychic/astrology type website register for a free account.  After that, choose a psychic to get a reading from.  Most psychic websites have several psychics to choose from.  All that you must do is give the psychic reader your question and then get an answer.  Take it all just one step at a time and get the help that you need.#28 What Are Candle Magic Spells?Candle magic spells work when you use different colored candles to make something happen.  If you want to create a spell for love, you would use a red candle.  A spell for money would be a green candle. A spell for getting a career started, it would be blue.  You will find that different candle colors have a different intention behind them. There is not right or wrong way to do a spell.  Spells are often cast down from generation to generation. There is a wide selection of spell books on Amazon.com. You can also find them in your neighborhood bookstore as well.Important Fact –A – Psychic readers often reach their high accurate levels in their mid-40’s and 50’s. The more experience a psychic has, the more precise their reading will be.  This is where old age is welcomed because your wisdom is often well sought after.B – Most psychics learn how to give readings through a parent or grandparent.  Psychics often learn from a previous generation. 28 Questions Answered About Psychics and Clairvoyantsby The Horoscope Expert | Jul 16, 2019 | Psychic#1 What is a Clairvoyant? A clairvoyant is someone that can see into the future using their sixth sense. The sixth sense is a spiritual belief that there is a third eye located in the center of your forehead.  Clairvoyants don’t need to use any spiritual tools such as... 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They give us an in depth look at the spiritual world and what it has to offer us.  Millions of people across the world are looking for answers. ... Free Love Psychic Readings That Lead to Marriage and Soulmate Connectionsby The Horoscope Expert | Jun 21, 2019 | PsychicIf you ever gotten a live psychic reading, you may have felt that the advice given was either good or bad. Perhaps the psychic got it 50% correct. What happens when you get a love psychic reading that leads to marriage?  We are going to talk about some case examples... Are Telephone Psychic Readings on Their Way to Extinction?by The Horoscope Expert | Jun 16, 2019 | PsychicToday, more people are getting psychic chat online readings.  Telephone psychic readings are often not as in demand as chat readings are.  Telephone psychic readings have been around for nearly 40 years.  Chat psychic readings have only been around for around ten... 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