How To Survive The Latest Google Updates

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This is a great opportunity for those who are sticking with SEO trying to survive because there will be less competition for the rest of us. Google will have more updates in the future and we either adapt or get left behind.
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Nice article. The only thing I know is that the Google Updates are really great, they kick off the spams from Net and make the internet clean. Plus, they give more love to genuine and original authors. And if we do all right then we are never going to get a hit. :-)
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Yes we can hope. But google sometimes hit even the good ones. But they favour brands. So from now we need to work on branding and making a authority site. :)
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Google wants to stop SEO and focus to content. The bots have been much smarter if it can find text in your pages. Hope they will favor blogs having real value content.
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Let's keep our fingers crossed :) and hope Google will notice our valuable content. But even with great content we still need to build relationships with other webmasters and we need a strong social feedback (comments, likes, i.e.) from our audience.

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