7 Things I Learned While Building Campayn.com | Campayn

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I started designing the Campayn pages back in June of 2011. I learned a lot along the way, and I wanted to summarize some of the most important things I discovered during the process.
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First of all, love the simplicity of the blog design.

I think that "you don't need an office" part has a bit of a learning curve.

When I try to work from home (at least in the beginning ) I had a harder time concentrating and getting things done in a non-work environment. That being said, if I try and work from home nowadays, I accomplish more than I would at the office.
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Thanks Mark... the time I saved in commute alone was worth it but I also found that being at home was less distractions however I can see how in some cases it can be more depending on what it's like at home I guess.

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