Warning - Content Crap Ahead

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I saw a brilliant slide presentation yesterday. It warned of upcoming content crap. In fact, most industry expert are predicting a deluge of crappy content on the Internet over the next year or so. Wow. Even more so than there currently is.
Google Wants Quality Content.
Google has been fighting all the SEO trickery since Day One. Even up to mid-2012, you could get SEO results by buying boat loads of spammy links from other websites. This is no longer the case.
Google has made it very clear that they want quality content. In theory, this is a great strategy, because quality content really is a good differentiator. If your business creates better quality and more authoritative content than your competitor, then obviously your business is better, and should rank higher.
Not just Any Content though.
The problem is that most people misinterpret what Google says, and think that content will get you ranked higher. This is further exacerbated by SEO tricksters, who sell content services for low prices,

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