The Power of Website Analytics

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Simple website statistics have been around since the dawn of the Internet. Initially people were just interested in how many “hits” they were getting. I get a chuckle when I see a website these days that has a public hit counter stating “you are the 1259th visitor”. LOL. Since 1995. Double LOL.

Analytics packages have become quite powerful over the years, and Google's free offering of their service (Google Analytics, or GA if you prefer acronyms) made quite an impact. It's probably one of the most-used and robust services out there for stats.
What most people are interested in when looking at their GA dashboard is traffic numbers and overall trends. Is there enough traffic, and is it increasing? That's all that matters, right?
Firstly, aggregated statistics like this make no sense. They are pretty meaningless. How many visitors you're getting to your website means nothing if they're not your target audience. You need to dig deeper and see the search keywords they're using,

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