The Importance of Having a Keyword Plan

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Getting traffic on your website is not always enough; it might be better to get 1,000 hits a month, than getting 1,000,000 as it is not always the quantity that is important, but the quality. This means that you have to analyze your results and tweak your marketing plan to increase your targeted traffic, and this often involves having a great keyword plan to implement on your site. Here are a few tips.
Do Your Research
Keyword research is easy if you are doing it for your own site, as you already know the content inside out. But what about doing keyword research for a brand new site? That’s easy. Simply think of all the words you will associate with the specific website or business, and put them in Google to see what comes up. From there you can get the correct terms to use, and see who your competition is.
Find out what people search for. For example, if you sell flowers online, do people search for “florist” more, or do they search for “flowers”?

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