The Future of Office Productivity

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There are a few new players in the office productivity area, and they're making a huge impact.
Over the last 10 years, there have been uncountable online products and services created to make it easier to manage all aspects of your business (in theory anyway). These include CRM, accounting, HR, Project Management, etc.
We recently made a shift in PM tools, and I spent two weeks of my life devoted to researching and evaluating Project Management tools. What amazed me the most, was that after two solid weeks, I was still finding tools that I hadn't heard of before. There's just so many of them.
All of the tools I found, without exception, had some major flaws. At least in terms of how WE run projects. There was always some little problem area or missing piece.
Many of the issues are to do with workflow and user ability (not to be confused with usability). As business owners, we want applications that enforce our business rules. In most companies,

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