Search Engines Do NOT Work FOR You

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Sandra asked me, “One of the things that we hear a lot of questions on is the search engines. I know you have written about them before but they seem to really confuse people. People don’t understand how the search engines pick up on websites.”
I understand that a lot of people are confused about search engines. This is probably due to the colorful history of search engines, and the amount of sneaky tactics used in the past to get around them.
1995-2005: SEO = Keywords & Meta Tags2006-2012: SEO = Magic Pixie Dust2013: SEO = Business Marketing 101
Basically though, search engines are very simple. Think about it from their business purpose point-of-view. Search engines are there to to help people find what they are looking for. This means returning the highest quality websites for the given search terms.
For anyone interested in getting SEO for their website, PLEASE RE-READ THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH. And just for fun,

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