Is SEO the new Diet Pill?

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I was walking home from the gym the other day, lamenting what a hard workout it was. I was drained, and the whole gym excursion daily takes a big chunk out of my day.
I started dreaming that there gotta be an easier way, and starting thinking about all the magic pills on the market for losing weight.
Ah yes. This $50 bottle of pills will magically get me to drop 10lbs. Easy. I just need to buy this bottle, and then I can abandon the gym. Right?
Why do we so DESPERATELY want to believe sometimes? Why are we inherently such lazy organisms?
I KNOW what it takes to lose weight and/or maintain a certain physique. Beyond doubt. I studied exercise physiology long ago. The science makes perfect sense, and Occam's Razor simplifies it even more for us: calories in vs calories out.
But still. Maybe THIS bottle of magic herb will do the trick? No?
All these products do is make your wallet lighter,

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