Idealist or Pragmatist? Can a Blogger Be Both? | Blog Engage

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I propose that, as bloggers, we strive to balance our core values with our desire for financial success, and try to succeed at both. To do less is to be less. Together, as bloggers, we can make a difference.
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Great article, Holly! Good luck in the contest. You have raised some awesome thoughts with this article! Sally
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Thank you so much, Sally!! I've inspired some awesome comments, too - I swear, those are at least as good as the post that inspired them.
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Interesting article. and awesome comments. You should read also the articles within the comments for this post.
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Definitely! It occurs to me that this is the perfect demonstration of that whole "You didn't built that" discussion - I built the original foundation (the post) but the discussion in comments has turned this thing into a skyscraper already! And I didn't built that on my own, that's for sure!

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