How to Write Headlines That Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

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Headlines are the first thing that Web users notice when browsing your content. If the headlines are attractive, the reader will want to read the content. If they are not, well, there are plenty of other websites out there...
Writing Better Headlines
Here are a few practical tips on writing headlines that will catch the attention of readers and increase your conversion rates. What’s important to keep in mind before getting started is that your headlines must always read natural. You don’t want to overdo the call to action or pack in too many keywords.

Add your main key phrase to your headlines. This will not only make the headlines more powerful, but will also make it easier for users to discover you through Web searches. You don’t want to stuff your headlines with keywords though. When your key phrase is longer than three or four terms, shorten it, using only the most relevant terms.

Keep your headlines short. The most effective headlines tend to have less than 10 words.

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