How to Prevent Your Visitors from Leaving Your Website

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Attracting visitors to your website is one thing, enticing them to stay and browse your pages is another. It doesn’t matter how effective your marketing strategy is, or how popular your brand, if your website has design flaws or poor content, visitors will leave immediately and go to the competition instead.
So, why do visitors leave a website, and how can you prevent them from doing it?
Slow loading speed
Probably the number one reason why visitors leave a site is low site speed. If your web pages take a long time to load, you’re in trouble, especially if you happen to have an e-commerce website. Nowadays everything about the web is fast, and web users are fast too, and want to get things done fast. They have little patience for sites not optimized for mobile devices or loaded with big-sized images or videos.
Solution: Optimize your website for all major browsers and devices, ensuring that every page loads quickly.

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