How to Double Your Conversion Rate with Remarketing

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Remarketing helps you reduce lost sales by encouraging undecided customers to reconsider a certain product they abandoned in the shopping cart. No matter what you’re selling or how you do it, you should use remarketing to your advantage. There are two simple yet highly effective remarketing strategies that can help you double your conversion rate.
Google AdWords’ Retargeting Feature
You want to advertise to visitors who have just checked out your site and viewed certain products, perhaps even added them to the shopping cart, but in the end have left without making a purchase. The most effective way to do this is through contextual ads.
Google AdWords has a Retargeting option that uses cookies to store information about each user on your site, noting even the products viewed. When a user leaves your site without making a purchase, and goes to visit another site, AdWords presents them with relevant targeted ads. Not only is this type of advertising a highly effective remarketing strategy,

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