How to Add Bounce Rate to Your Google AdWords Reports

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Until not so long ago, bounce rate per keyword could be easily found in Google Analytics, but not in Google AdWords, which provided only the basic data related to your advertising campaigns. This inconvenience made it necessary for website owners or managers to switching back and forth between the two applications all the time. The good news is that now you can add the bounce rate to your AdWords reports, together with the average time on site and average page view metrics. You do this by linking your Analytics and AdWords accounts.
How to connect your AdWords and Analytics profiles
Before you can proceed with linking your accounts you want to make sure that...

Both accounts are registered with the same email address and you have full administrative rights for both AdWords and Analytics profiles.
Your Analytics account is already importing cost data from AdWords.
Your Analytics data sharing setting is set to ‘Share my Google Analytics data with other Google products only.’
Your AdWords account

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