Getting Inside Your Website Visitor’s Head with MouseFlow

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MouseFlow is an online service that can record all the mouse movements and clicks that your website visitors perform while browsing your site. It gathers valuable data that shows you which areas of your site are popular and which are not, helping you get inside your visitors’ head, and ultimately, to improve your website's design and usability.
How does it work?
First you have to sign up here. There is a free plan for one domain, offering 100 recorded sessions and 1 month storage of recorded data. Once you’ve signed up you’ll have to copy-paste a tiny javascript code on your website. Each time a unique visitor browses your website, the script will record their session and send data in a small compressed package to the MouseFlow platform from where you will be able to access it.
The script does not affect the user experience of your website, nor does it record personal data that might affect the privacy of the visitors.

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