Effective Online Advertising Sources You May Not Have Thought of Before

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Online marketers who use their shrewdness to discover and exploit effective online advertising sources that others neglect can reap great benefits. You have to keep in mind though that when it comes to advertising, there are no secret channels or sources, only mainstream and lesser known ones. Everyone is using the mainstream stuff – Facebook, Twitter, blogs – but relatively few have the courage to try out the others. Here are a few ideas that can inspire you.

Giveaways. Giving away free stuff such as e-books can be a highly effective way of advertising your brand or products, so long as you include your logo and a link to your product site or homepage. Make sure you announce your giveaways not only though your main site, but also through your blog and social media profiles.

Mobile ads built within games and applications that are free to download. These ads are extremely effective because users of those games and apps cannot but bump into them constantly.

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