B2B Marketing Success - How to Do Effective Content Marketing

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Content marketing has been the pillar of B2B marketing in the last few years, and it will remain so in 2013. Content marketing is effective because it works across channels. Although it is promotional in scope, it gives users valuable content that makes them trust your brand, something that ads cannot achieve. Here are some crucial B2B marketing tips.
Start with a whitepaper
A comprehensive, well-researched whitepaper will attract a lot of attention. Once you’ve created it, break it down into several articles, blog posts and guides, which you can then distribute on the Web. Select key facts or points from those articles and posts and spread them on Twitter, as well as on micro-blogging platforms. Choose a suggestive image and insert facts to it, and post it on Facebook as an update.
You can also create a podcast, video or webinar that covers the key issues in the whitepaper. Finally, sum up the whitepaper’s key findings into an infographic and slideshow,

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